Low Credit Card Processing Rates & Fees

Over time, merchant account fees can really add up. Here at Universal Payment Systems we don't hit you with a bunch of hidden fees like other providers, nor do we give you low teaser rates that expire and then raise your rates after you sign up.

No Teasers or Hidden Charges for Any of Our Online
and Traditional Merchant Account Services

Internet Most transactions will take place via an Internet website and processed in real time.
Mail / Phone Order Majority of your transactions are done over the phone or through the mail, and transactions will be keyed in.
Retail Storefront Most credit card transactions are face to face, and swiped through a card reader.
Wireless Majority of transactions will be swiped through a wireless terminal.
Phone Processing Majority of transactions will be phoned in and entered via a touch tone phone.
ACH / Checks You would also like to process checks (ACH) in addition to credit cards.

We are simply dedicated to providing you with the best merchant account, equipment, and software at the overall lowest cost, often saving hundreds even thousands of dollars in the process.